US soldiers posing with the bodies of massacred Tausug men, women, and children in the Bud Dahu volcanic crater, Jolo Island. Hundreds of villagers (estimates ranging between 600 and 1,600) who had taken refuge there were mass murdered by the US Army in a four-day assault culminating on 7-8 March 1906. (source)

(1898 — continuing as of 2017)

By: Marc Immanuel

Published on: 26 April 2017

Once the US Federal Government had taken full control of the collective territory under present-day occupation of the 49-state continental United States (including the territory of Alaska), it began to turn its imperialist expansionism further westward [into the regions of the “Pacific Ocean” and “East Asia” (including “Southeast Asia”) (European namings)] and southward [into the regions of the “Caribbean Sea” and “Central America” (European namings)].

[Definition of imperialismby Merriam-Webster]

Through a covert operation (which has remained partially covered up to the present day), the US Government invaded and occupied Hawaii in 1893 — overthrowing the internationally-recognized sovereign Hawaiian nation-state and forcing the Hawaiian citizenry to become subjects of the United States.

The US Government waged a war of aggression against the Spanish Empire in 1898 (known as the US-Spanish War) – by which it forced the Kingdom of Spain to “hand over” to US occupation the territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippine Islands (regardless of the will of the native populations). [More information on the subjects of this paragraph in section, Crimes of Aggression, in Crimes of the US Government.]

At the dawn of the 20th century, the US Government began to expand its genocidal massacres into the region of  East Asia (including Southeast Asia), beginning with the Philippines.

The intentional indiscriminate extermination of East Asian men, women, and children, both directly through US military action and indirectly through action of US-supported puppet governments and civilian death squads, was a part of the de facto policy of the US Government in its 20th century pursuit of direct and/or indirect control of the East Asian region [with physical genocide committed, specifically, in the territories of the Philippines, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Indochina (present-day Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), and present-day Indonesia].

The US Government policy of using genocidal means (which it has officially called “collateral damage” since the 1991 Persian Gulf War) as part of its effort to accomplish imperialistic ends has continued in the US and US-supported wars in predominantly Muslim-populated regions of Asia (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, since 1991 and continuing as of 2017).

[The acts of genocide in Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and Southeast Asia (period 1943-1973), and in Southwest and Central Asia (period 1991 — continuing as of 2017), consisting mostly of indiscriminate aerial bombardment or other use of military force, are described in the section, War Crimes, in Crimes of the US Government.]


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